November, 2013: Webster-Aiello House Move
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In November, 2013 work on Southport Land's project at 610-630 Court Street was temporarily suspended while the construction crew helped to save a historic house in Martinez, California that was slated to be demolished unless someone moved it.  The 1880's‑era house was disassembled into approximately 17 pieces and moved to a new lot.  Although not a Southport Land project, it is depicted here to show what the crew was doing during their absence from the 610-630 Court Street projects.

Moving the house at 403 Berrellesa St., Martinez, CA begins. Disassembling the house to move it in pieces.
A Trost Jacking & Heavy Moving crane places a piece of the roof on a Trost truck as a part of the house move. The rigging of the crane used to move the house in sections.
Section of roof being lifted as a part of moving the house. To move the house, a part of the roof is loaded on a Trost Jacking and Heavy Moving truck.
The crane gets ready to lift another part of the roof during the house moving in Martinez, California. Moving a house in Martinez, California: A section of roof is lifted with a crane.
Numbered patterns to be used to reassemble the house after it has been moved. As a part of moving the house, a section of wall is lowered.
A Trost house movers truck waits while two walls remain for the house. House Moving by Trost: A section of floor is lifted.
Floor section loaded on a Trost truck, as a part of moving the building. A section of wall is raised by a Trost crane, as part of moving the house.
Matt Trost and Alberto Perez use wedges to separate a bay window as a part of moving the house. The crane from Trost Jacking of Concord, CA, tips back the bay window during the house moving process.
The bay window is loaded on a Trost house movers truck. The final piece of the house move is lifted before being put on a Trost House Moving truck.
The last section of the house move is loaded on a Trost truck. After the house was moved, only basement walls remain.

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