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Definition of Market Rent

“Market Rent” is the rent for the premises, after being placed on the open market, that a willing tenant would have paid to a willing lessor/landlord, assuming that: (1) There is no pressure on either one to lease the premises; and (2) The tenant and lessor/landlord know all the uses and purposes for which the premises are reasonably capable of being used.  A “Market Rent” is often determined by a rent study performed by a real estate appraiser, who will use examples of other leases recently entered into for similar properties in the same general area as the premises (sometimes called “lease comparables”).

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DISCLOSURE:  Some of the definitions of leasing terms in this glossary have been tailored to reflect the common practice in the leasing of smaller-sized commercial properties in Northern California.  These definitions are not intended to be the legal definitions that would typically be used in a legal proceeding.