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Retail, Office and Restaurant Space for Lease, Martinez, CA

Welcome to the leasing page for Southport Land's Court Street Buildings.

Leasing Office/Retail/Restaurant Space at 610 Court Street

Restaurant and Retail Space for rent in the Press Building, Martinez, CA.“The Press Building” at 610 Court Street.

The building at 610 Court Street is a two story, seven-unit, retail and office development in the County Civic Center area of Downtown Martinez, California.  Located at the corner of Court and Escobar Streets, the building is one of the closest retail and office properties to the courthouses and other County offices.  It is directly across Court Street from the historic 1901 Finance Building, which contains the offices of the Treasurer-Tax Collector, the Auditor-Controller, the County Business License Division and the Superior Court's Small Claims Advisor.  Directly across Escobar Street is the five-story George R. Gordon Education Center which houses the headquarters of the Contra Costa Community College District.  Many other government buildings are located within two blocks of 610 Court Street, including the 12‑story County Administration Building, the four-story District Attorney's Office, the Wakefield Taylor Courthouse, the A. F. Bray Courthouse (location of the Law Library), and the Spinetta Family Law Building. 

Additionally the building is a short walk to the Post Office, library, Amtrak station, banks and restaurants.  The Radke Martinez Regional Shoreline Park, which features many walking trails, is just a few blocks to the north.     

Less than a block away is the new County Administration Building.  Click on this link to see images and a location map: New Contra Costa County Administration Building.

Escobar Street (on the north side of the building) is one of the few downtown streets to offer 4-hour metered parking for customers.  610 Court Street is also located near several City parking lots offering 10-hour metered parking. 

A map showing nearby buildings and parking areas may be found by clicking the following link: City of Martinez Downtown Parking Map.

This Streamline Moderne Style structure was originally built in the 1940s to house the presses of the local newspaper and was dubbed “The Press Building” when it opened.  A multi-year long renovation, begun in mid-2012, is now nearly complete.  As a part of that work, an elevator was added to service the second story suites and mirror finish stainless steel entrances were installed along the sidewalk.  Please see how the project is coming along by viewing our Court Street Buildings Progress Page.

Historic Finance Building, built in 1901.Built in 1901, the Contra Costa County
Finance Building is located directly across
from 610 Court Street.

Mirror finish stainless steel entry to retail or restaurant space that is for lease in the Press Building, Martinez, CA.One of the mirror finish stainless steel
entrances at The Press Building.

Sidewalk Level Spaces

The ground floor contains three “sidewalk commercial” suites that are suitable for various uses, including retail and small restaurant uses.  (Please see the link to the left for a floor plan.)  Each ground floor suite has:

• a mirror finish stainless steel entrance;
• large picture windows allowing good visibility into
   the suite by sidewalk pedestrians;
• a central station alarm;
• a stubbed-out sewer line;
• a cold water supply line; and
• three-phase electric power.


Plenums through the second floor give the first story suites the potential to have flues and chimneys to accommodate food preparation and cooking.  Although the ground floor suites are smaller, they share restrooms and other amenities which would normally consume a fair amount of square feet if those spaces were provided inside each suite.

In addition to zoning code restrictions, the City of Martinez has imposed a special set of use restrictions on the ground floor spaces in the 600 block of Court Street, a copy of which can be found by clicking this link:   600 BLOCK OF COURT STREET SPECIAL USE RESTICTIONS.  The upstairs suites do not have these special restrictions.

Unlike most other commercial properties in downtown Martinez, The Press Building is not located in a flood plane.  To see the flood map (with the location of The Press Building shown), click this link: FEMA Flood Map of Downtown Martinez.

Second Floor Spaces

Offices are the preferred use on the second story.  The upstairs suites have access to a common area Conference Room and Break Room, both with plenty of natural light through original glass block windows.  Also, each upstairs suite has a central station alarm. 

All Spaces

All spaces in the building have access to Comcast® internet with an advertized speed of 150 MBPS up and 20 MBPS down.  Additionally, each suite has its own space in the building's common area trash and recycle storage room.

Because amenities such as restrooms are shared in the common area, we use the “rentable square feet” method of calculating our commercial lease rents at the 610 Court Street Building.  Due to the fact that the amenities are different on each floor, we determine the “rentable square feet”on a per-floor basis.  (For a definition of “rentable square feet” and examples of how “rentable square feet” is computed, please go to the Definition of Rentable Square Feet in Southport Land's Glossary of Leasing Terms.)

The building's suites are individually addressed.  The address, approximate rentable square footage, and availability of each suite, are as follows:

• Suite 101 (street level suite on the corner), 1,041± rentable square feet (LEASED);

• Suite 102 (street level suite in the middle), 784± rentable square feet (AVAILABLE SOON); 

• Suite 103 (street level suite next to the alley), 871± rentable square feet (AVAILABLE NOW); 

• Suite 204 (upstairs suite on the corner), 865± rentable square feet (AVAILABLE NOW);  

• Suite 205 (upstairs suite on Court Street, third down from the corner), 699± rentable square feet (AVAILABLE NOW);  

• Suite 206 (upstairs suite next to the alley), 1,846± rentable square feet (AVAILABLE NOW);  and

• Suite 207 (upstairs suite on Court Street, second down from the corner), 109± rentable square feet (LEASED).

Leasing Space at 630 Court Street

The 630 Court Street Building, also known as the historic Sharkey Building, is a two story, brick structure at the corner of Main and Court Streets in Martinez.  It was acquired by Southport Land and Commercial Company in June, 2012.

Restaurant space for rent at the 630 Court Street Building, Martinez, California.The Sharkey Building at 630 Court Street.  The lower story is
being offered for lease as a restaurant.

Earthquake retrofitting is underway and is expected to be completed in late 2016.  We are currently soliciting offers to lease the ground floor as a restaurant, and will consider contributing to the necessary tenant improvements to make that happen. 

Please click on this link for a possible restaurant layout: Conceptual Restaurant Plan for 630 Court Street.

Unfortunately, the blueprints for the upstairs have not yet been finalized, so the configuration of the suites is unknown.  Therefore, we are not leasing upstairs space in the building at this time.

Like The Press Building on the same block, the Sharkey Building is not within the flood plane.  Please click on this link to see the flood map: FEMA Flood Zone Map of Downtown Martinez.